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Loved Ones Made into Pottery?

Noelle Song, Contributor

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An art project became something people wanted, something that people want to buy. A young boy by the name of Justin Crowe, him and his crafts are located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He asks the family to send a certain amount of ashes, it measures about a cup. He then process these ashes to make them in a a powder. He then placed the powder into the glaze so the ashes are the clay itself. These pieces of ceramic are supposed to help with mourning. They help remember, they are made in the remembrance of others. They come in bowls, cups, vases, a majority of the things you can think of. These pieces are fully functional, so then not only can you have it but you can also use it. This is a great to mourn and remember someone, or a loved one that has passed.

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Loved Ones Made into Pottery?