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Tiny Mice Shops?

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If you happen to be walking through the Swedish city of Malmö, make sure to pay attention to the little details. If you take a look down you may notice something amazing inside a basement window in the neighborhood of Möllevången. Tiny businesses — a bakery and a “cheese and cracker” shop — just the right size for mice. “It’s just too darn charming to imagine a world where mice lives parallel to ours but just slightly out of sight,” said one representative of the artist group Anonymouse MMX, who wishes to remain anonymous. (The group has no connection with Anonymouse.org, a site devoted to online privacy.) They cited the works of Don Bluth, Disney and Astrid Lindgren as “big influences” for the idea. The photo appears to show only a shop, but the group says they have plans for more.

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Tiny Mice Shops?