Remembering Selena

Hannah Lupse, Contributor

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     Many people who enjoy Latino music are familiar with the name Selena Quintanilla.  With her birthday (April 16th, 1971) coming up, the Texas native will be remembered as an iconic Tejano (Mexican music blended with other styles) musician. She started performing as a child in a family band, but by the age of 23, the singer had produced many hits such as “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” and “I Could Fall in Love.” She even won “Performer of the Year” and “Best Female Vocalist of the Year” at the Tejano Music Awards in 1987.

Interestingly enough, Selena originally spoke only English, learning Spanish song lyrics phonetically so that she could sing in the language, however she became fluent in Spanish later in her life. She married fairly young, tying the knot with Chris Perez in 1992. Selena also involved herself in fashion and owned a boutique, which was owned by Yolanda Saldivar, who was the president of her fan club. Saldivar was also the murderer of Selena. In a disagreement where Saldivar was discharged for embezzlement, Saldivar shot the singer. Unfortunately, the shot was fatal and Selena Quintanilla died March 31st, 1995 at the age of 23. All her fans mourned her tragic death, and Saldivar was sentenced to life in prison for her crime. The young performer’s career and life were sadly cut short, but her numerous songs lived on and are still enjoyed by many people today, her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame added not too long ago on November 3rd (Selena Day in Los Angeles). If you are interested in learning more about her story, you can watch the movie that was based on her life, Selena, which stars Jennifer Lopez. The movie conveys how Selena captured her fan’s hearts with spunky performances and bold outfits, exhibiting the personality that captivated her fans back then and today. This event ties into our current issue regarding gun control, as it shows how the weapons can lead to horrible things. In this case, it was one singer, but in other cases many people fall victim to gun violence and have their lives taken from them in mass shootings, such as what happened in Parkland, Florida.

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