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Student’s Views On the Election

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We all know that Donald Trump has won the election. But have you wondered, what do the kids think about the election? Who did they want as President? That’s why 17 students from Winston Churchill Middle School were asked for their opinion on the election. Out of the 17 interviewed people, 8 of them would have rather had Trump win, and the other 9 wanted Hillary to win. Although Hillary had won, it was only by one point.

Very few of the people who were interviewed were happy with the results. However, a majority of the interviewed people was not happy with both of the candidates and were not very interested in politics at all. Many people stated that “America won’t move forward with Trump” and that they are “Disappointed in America and have some concerns.” Lots of the students preferred Obama over the candidates that were chosen for this year, and that this election was a waste of time.

The students who wanted Trump to win stated that he had many ideas and will try to make them happen. They also liked that he is a confident person who strives for his goals. Overall, there were only two people who were extremely pleased with Trump becoming president, while the other students who chose Trump didn’t like him, but thought that he was better than Hillary. The people who greatly supported Trump found the election process interesting and also found it exciting to have one party in control of everything.

The students who chose Hillary liked that she would have been the first woman president and thought she would have been a better president because she had previous experience with being the president, for her husband Bill Clinton was president for two terms from 1992-2000. This means Hillary would have many good ideas for the country and she would know how to implement them.

Overall, the students at Winston Churchill Middle School prefer Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. Most of the student did not have much interest in the election or they did not like either of the candidates. Very few of the students had a strong opinion or any interest in politics.

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Student’s Views On the Election