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Why is Churchill Thankful

Mackenzie Schoel, Contributor

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Churchill is a very diverse school, and everyone is thankful for different things in their life, concerning school, your home, sports, etc. One of the most common things students at Churchill is thankful for, is their friends and family. Churchill is thankful for their friends and family always supporting them and being there when they need them the most. Our families are motivational, and we wouldn’t really be here without them. Churchill is also thankful for the great education that is offered to them at WCMS. We are thankful that are teachers are eager to teach, our peers are eager to learn, and both are always ready to help us out whenever we need it. Another popular thing Churchill was thankful for, was the break that we got off of school. It’s nice to relax and take a break off of school, homework, tests, essays, etc…. especially during Thanksgiving, when it’s great to spend time with your family. Students were also thankful for something we all enjoy, sleep. Waking up early every morning for school gets tiresome, so sleeping in over the break and catching up is something we all are thankful for. Churchill is also thankful for being able to do sports. Whether you do a sport outside of school or you are on a Churchill sports team, there are many reasons to be thankful for your sports keeping you active and healthy.

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Why is Churchill Thankful