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Importance of Sleep

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Hey Churchill! Have you ever wondered why you might be cranky during the day or feel really irritated? Well one reason might be because of the lack of sleep you might be getting.  Right now 13 year olds need about 8 and a half to 9 and a half hours of sleep, but many of us don’t get that much sleep every night. Sleep is very important, when you are sleepy at school you don’t retain that much information. Also you are not as alert and open to learning.  Sleep is like giving your body a tiny vacation from all the work you do throughout the day.  Scientists are not completely sure of why people sleep, but they think it is for the brain to sort and store stuff, solve problems, and replace chemical properties inside you. Also researchers believe too little sleep  can hurt growth and your immune system which keeps you from getting sick. There are a lot of cool facts about sleep. First off, there are 5 stages of sleep. Stage 1 is where you are a light sleep and this sleep is pretty easy to wake up from. Stage 2 is a slightly deeper sleep than the first one. Your brain tells your muscles to relax and your body temperature even goes down a few degrees. The 3rd stage is called the slow wave sleep. It is harder to be awakened in this part of your sleep. Stage 4 is the deepest part of your sleep it is really hard to wake up from this. The last stage of sleep is the R.E.M stage. This is where dreams happen. R.E.M stands for Rapid Eye Movement, this is when your eyes move very fast between your eyelids. When most people are asleep they repeat stages 2,3,4, and R.E.M for about every 90 minutes. Scientists think that when you dream it is a way to organize all your memories and emotions.  Now that you know the importance of sleep.. it might just be time to get a few Zzzz’s. 🙂

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Importance of Sleep