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Hailey Philips, Contributer

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One day Looper, a young girl was walking home from school. It was the day that the new president would be announced. She personally supported Tiffany over Caleb. To her Caleb was a very mean and disrespectful man. Tiffany may not be the best candidate, but at least she was better than Caleb. She ran home and immediately turned on the television. Every channel was talking about the election. At the moment Tiffany was in the lead, but it was too early to tell who was going to win. She decided to take a break while they were waited for results to come in and did her homework. In order to win the presidency you need to receive 270 electoral votes. Tiffany had 115 votes and Caleb was right behind her with 111 votes. Looper had to go to her Taekwondo practice, so she to leave the election results and wait until after practice to find out the results. Her practice went by very slow since all she could think about was who won. Once practice ended she ran to her parents car and told them to race home. She quickly turned on the television to find out that Caleb had won. She was very upset about the results and refused to eat her dinner. She then decided to cry in her room since she was so upset with the outcome. She finally went to bed and had a dream about how terrible their country was going to be. She woke up the next morning and asked her mom if she could skip school. She then stayed home and decided that she wouldn’t let this election ruin her good spirits and turned back into the bubbly girl she used to be.

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