The Time Travelers

Mykhaylo Anysenko, Contributor

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Joey was just a normal ordinary boy until he discovered his dad had a time machine that is. One day when Joey was coming home from school he saw a strange shed that had not been there before. Being the curious boy he is, he decided to explore it. There was a lock on the shed so he had to use his paperclip to pick it. after a long 5 minutes of trying to open the lock, Joey finally opened it. What he found inside would change his life forever. It was a time machine. It had a large red button next to the machine to travel anywhere you want in time. Joey started to imagine all of the places that he could go; Ancient Greece or Egypt or maybe even Rome but he decided he would go to yesterday and eat his ice cream all over again. so that’s what he did, he traveled to yesterday over and over again, each time eating more and more ice cream, Finally after about a dozen trips to yesterday he had finally for once in his life had enough ice cream. now that his stomach was full and he was happy, he decided to travel to somewhere more interesting. He decided he would go to ancient Greece So he pressed the magic red button and instantly the room glowed of white light and he was suddenly in an ancient Greek temple. He saw lots of people around him and they were all wearing white robes and praying to a giant 40 foot tall statue of Zeus. This was an amazing sight to see. What he did not realize though, is that he was in a 21st century outfit and not in white robes so the people were beginning to look at him with confused faces and joey began to sense the danger. Finally on of the soldiers saw him and began to run towards him with an angry face so he quickly jumped back into his time machine and traveled home. He knew he would never do this again. he walked out of the shed and began to close the door. He knew this machine should remain a secret, but then he saw a scared little child in white robes sitting still in the time machine.

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