Ice cream mania

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Once upon a time there lived a boy by the name of Billy Johnson. Billy loved to eat ice cream. It was his favorite food of all time. His parents would often joke about him having a disorder requiring him to eat ice cream or he would die. One time Billy and his parents decided to go camping. The night before they decided they decided to pack their stuff. They decided to stick with just the bare essentials like a tent, sleeping bag, freeze dried food, a water bottle and 260 kilos of pure columbian, you guessed it, ice cream and when they fnished packing they went to bed. The next morning, after Billy finished eating his 2 pounds of ice cream for breakfast, they got into their car and drove to their location. They had to stop multiple times to refill their supply of ice cream because they ran out as soon as they started to drive. When Billy and his family finally got to the location of their campsite Billy had gained 600 pounds. Time to hit the gym. He decided to run until he lost his weight so he ran around the entire North America, said hi to Forest Gump, and returned back to the campsite losing all of his 600 pounds of fat. His parents were very proud. They knew Billy had made the right choice. They supported him all the way. Together they gathered their gear and began their hike. Finally after walking a couple of miles into the trail they stopped and decided to take a rest. They just now realized they had 590 kilos of ice cream in their backpacks. They decided to dump the rest of the ice cream into the big blue and beautiful lake near the campsite, Little did they know, the fish love ice  cream.

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