Horror Story

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Today I went over to my friend James’s house to just hang out and have some fun while his parents weren’t home. We decided to tell each other some true scary stories that had happened to us. I decided to go first.  “Last year, I wanted to buy a new laptop and was in need of money. My father told me that one of his friends were going away on vacation for three days and that he needed someone that he could trust to watch over his house. So I decided to take the job due to me being in need of money. My father drove me to his house and introduced me to his friend. While talking to him, he made it seem like he preferred I stay in the upstairs room with the monitors as opposed to roaming the house all day. That was fine by me though. So when I wasn’t eating, I was mostly just sitting in that room with the TV on in the background typing up an essay on my laptop. Ironically, the thing I was doing the least was keeping an eye on the monitors. I decided to take a break from doing my project, so then I decided to glance at the monitors. While looking at the monitors I noticed something strange. The door at the back of the house was open downstairs. I didn’t remember it being open. I looked through each of the screens in a panic. The bathroom door was open. I definitely remembered it being closed earlier today. I tried calling my dad multiple times, but he wouldn’t answer. So I left him a text asking him to call the man and ask if he came back home early. I continued to look at the bathroom screen. On the dark image, a mysterious tall man stepped out from the bathroom and looked around. As I saw that, I decided to cover my mouth in shock. As I did this, however, I knocked over the plate that I had gotten earlier creating a loud sound. The tall person in the image very clearly moved his head up to the ceiling in response to the sound. The dark figure began to slowly walk towards the stairs. I just got a reply from my dad sending me a picture of him in Hawaii. I was so caught up in texting my dad for help that I had not been looking at the monitor. I heard a banging on my door. I quickly checked the monitor and saw the tall man standing there. I looked at the window in the room and realized that that was my only exit. I jumped from the window and ran away.” “Wow that is an incredible story,” said my friend James. After telling each other our stories, we decided to walk upstairs and watch a movie. In the middle of the movie, we heard a loud knock on the door. Nobody else was in the house, so who could it be?

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