Lost Lola

Aoife Zuckerman

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Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, there was a princess named Princess Lola. Princess Lola lived a very sheltered life in the castle and had only set foot outside a few times her whole life. On her sixteenth birthday she decided she would finally transgress her parent’s rules and go out into the world. So Lola got her things together, dressed up like the common folk, and snuck out of the castle. She crept past the palace guards and kept her head down until she was in the middle of town. Finally she stopped walking and sat down on the steps of a big stone building, and took out some coins so that she could shop at the market. Then Lola stood up and walked around, looking at all the interesting goods and foods that were being sold. She bought a few things before walking farther into town. Lola walked quietly through the neighborhoods, admiring their quaint beauty because it was different that what she was used to. Lola wandered for a long time, afternoon turned to evening and the sun was beginning to set. After awhile, it was almost pitch black and Lola realized that she should probably go home and continue being Princess Lola. With that in mind, Lola began to walk toward the castle. As she got close, she remembered that during the night, security was very heavy and that getting in and out of the castle was not an easy feat. She began to skulk toward the castle, trying not to be seen or heard, when she tripped and fell, struggling to stop herself before she fell into the moat. Lola cautiously stood up, looking wildly around in an attempt to stay hidden but her plan was foiled. As she looked around, she saw a few palace guards running over to her.

“Oh, I am so sorry for leaving the palace but would you be able to let me back in? Please?”

“Leaving the palace?” The guard was confused. “You do not live in the palace.”

Now Lola was confused. “I most certainly do, I am Princess Lola!”

“There is no Princess Lola. Never has been.”

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