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Thanksgiving food

Ana Halican

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Most thanksgiving dinners consist of the turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, carrots, and more, so we decided to do a interview of students to find which dish was the best. I went around school asking classmates and friends what their favorite part of thanksgiving dinner and the star of the plate became more and more clear. A lot of kids just said something about “i got out of school” or “who doesn’t like food” and never gave a real answer. Surprisingly the turkey wasn’t the star, considering it’s the main course, but the mashed potatoes and gravy were the stars. Pumpkin pie was a close second but failed to pass peoples minds. Some of the sides were completely forgotten about, like the carrots and yams, green bean casserole. The green bean casserole is the favorite across the world, but never mentioned in the poll. I also interviewed some teachers and adults and the turkey was close to first place but the green bean casserole was the winner, big surprise, right. A lot of the adults said they loved to cook for their family but mostly they said the love their family “so to have them together is a great gift.” I personally think that should be everyone’s favorite part of thanksgiving dinner.

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Thanksgiving food