Welcome to Chili’s : A History

Farah Ghazanfari, Contributor

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The first Chili’s was opened in 1975 in Dallas Texas. It was founded by Larry Lavine, who wanted to create casual, affordable restaurant, with a menu that would include a selection of hamburgers. His idea was showed to be victorious, because right around the 1980’s there were a whopping total of 28 restaurants across the region, all of which included the theme of Southwestern decorations. Larry Lavine decided to sell his business to Norman E. Brinker is 1983, who was a previous co-owner of the Pillsbury company, who possessed Bennigan’s. In case of dietary needs or wants, they have a wide selection of a variety of different types of menus. They of course have the regular menu, and then their “special selection” includes an allergen menu, a vegetarian menu, and a nutritional menu. Chili’s also has a couple of “healthy treats” for all of you health nuts out there. The Kellogg Company provides them with a non-vegan veggie burger, and the Ultimate Bacon Burger (a bacon themed burger) a Sunrise Burger (an egg themed burger) were added to their menu. Chili’s “Welcome to Chili’s” jingle is used to showcase their scrumptious selection of delicious baby back ribs, and in this ad, there is an a capella singing quartet. But there are some secrets lurking behind the walls of this Tex-Mex themed restaurant. In the fall of 2008, in Australia, a Chili’s was caught forcing employees to sign workplace consensuses, did not pay back $45,000 before the deadline the Office of Industrial Regulations had given them, and was underpaying a lot of their employees. Because of these actions, they were fined and indicted by the New South Wales Office of Industrial Regulations to pay $300,000 Australian dollars. Also in 2008, Chili’s gave the announcement that they were shutting down all of the Chili’s branches in Australia, probably because of this scandal. By the time 2015 rolled around, they had a total amount of 1,580 restaurants. nationwide, 839 of which are company owned, with the other 714 being franchised.

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