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Disneyland is Closing Tower of Terror!

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The news is out! Disneyland will be closing one of it’s rides called Tower of Terror. Tower of Terror came out on May 5, 2004 and it is only 12 years old. The Disneyland team first announced this on August and said that Tower of Terror will be going through a Marvel makeover and turning into The Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: BREAKOUT . Many fans are disappointed about this since Tower of Terror has always been a crowd favorite. Many people have even tried to petition and have gotten 35,340 signatures out of the 50,000 they need to shut down the action. So far Disneyland has not shown any signs of stopping the makeover from happening, and is continuing on with its original plan of replacing the ride. The last date for Tower of Terror is scheduled for January 2, 2017.  The good news out of this whole thing is that Disneyland is now hosting Late Check-Out Night which means that for the first time, after twilight they are letting people ride the Tower of Terror in complete darkness. Also there will be special merchandise from the “iconic” Tower of Terror attraction, and musical performances all over the park. So if you want to go on Tower of Terror one last time make sure you check out Disneyland before January 2, 2017!  

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Disneyland is Closing Tower of Terror!