Galaxy on Fire 2 HD, One of the Greatest Sci-Fi Games Ever

Arka Chattaraj, Contributer

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Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is a game developed by Fishlabs Entertainment GmbH and published by bitComposer Games. This game is completely free on IOS’s app store and Android’s Google Play store but does cost $7.99 on the Steam Web Store(when you purchase this game from Steam, you do get bonus add-on content that you do not get on mobile). This game is an open world, third-ship shooter with hours of gameplay, my time on the game was almost 9 hours and that was only the campaign, which is really good for a mobile game(which is where I played it). At the start of the game you can choose between easy, medium, hard, and expert difficulties. This game is set many years into the future, in space. The game starts with the main character Keith T. Maxwell chasing some pirates for a bounty on their head, in this part you learn game mechanics like shooting and moving(even though there is this tutorial, the control are so easy anybody could pick up and play). You end up defeating the pirates but in the fight, you damage your hyperdrive. You try to use it to get back to your home system and leader but it malfunctions and you end up spiraling into space and time. You end up in a space station where you find out that you’re around 35 years into the future and on the other side of the galaxy from where you were supposed to be heading. You then travel to another star system after you complete some missions there, in which you learn about things like planetary travel, how to mine, and how to move around a station, and receive your first ship, named Betty. After you arrive at one of the planets, you have your first encounter with the Voids, the main group of bad guys in the story. The Voids are aliens that terrorize the different factions in the galaxy and have the most advanced technology known as they can create wormholes to enter and escape anywhere they want, as they live in their isolated system.

After your encounter with the Voids ends you meet up with Deep Science, an organization formed to study the Voids and, one day, defeat them. You complete missions for them until you eventually defeat the Voids(I won’t spoil anything). This game has around 40-50 ships, each one having its own properties, like sacrificing move speed for more weapon slots. This game also has hundreds of items like ores, weapons, armor, tractor beams, electronics, you can even get blueprints to build your own things. This game also has its own factions like the Terrans, the Vossk, the Nivelians, and the Midorians. The Terrans and Vossks are enemies(although they do have to join forces to help defeat the Voids at the end) and by who you help more, you can see whether you are more Terran or Vossk and that will be a factor to how the people treat you, same with the Nivelians and the Midorians. Even at the end of the game, there is still more to explore. You receive a blueprint for a thing called a Khador drive and once you build one you can visit places you couldn’t before. You could challenge yourself to complete it on harder difficulties or complete all the missions. Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is overall a great game with many different aspects and I would definitely recommend it to others.

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