The Awp Magician: Kenny S

Jason Jenkins, Contributor

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Perhaps one of the most competitive, fierce, and just insane esports game, CS:GO, is a popular first person shooter that  has many many competitors, the best players around the world gather to compete in this game. With prize pools ranging from 300,000$ to 1.5 million dollars, people train extremly hard to hone their skills and make it to a tournament. One of the most influential people in CS:GO and Counter Strike in general is a name that many Counter Strike fans know and love, the Kenny S, aka the awp magician. Kenny S or Kenny Schrub was born on May 19, 1995, in a commune of France called Digne-les-Bains. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Kenny grew up with Counter Strike, he started playing when he was around 5 because his older brother introduced him to it. Whenever his older brother was at school Kenny took over and got some game time in. Kenny sought refuge from his home issues and other problems with Counter Strike, often playing extremely late into the night. At such a young age he was offered many invites to tournaments, this is when the community and his family alike would realize that he had a gift for this. When Kenny was around 8 years old, his brother realized that he was already better than him and all of his friends (Kenny and his brother had a 10 year age difference, so by the time Kenny was 8, his brother was 18, and his younger 8 year old brother was already better than him.) When Kenny was only 11 years old, his brother all decided to join a nearby tournament, and despite Kenny’s young age, he was able to prove his skill at the tournament, and his team actually won because of him. His brother helped encouraged him to go pro, at later tournaments, Kenny kept on showing his great skills, this lead to one of the best French teams, VeryGames, which were also  considered one of the best Counter Strike teams in the world at the time to recruit Kenny. Most people don’t get the chance to start out with their country’s best team but Kenny did, though despite his skill, his lack of experience eventually caught up to him and VG (VeryGames) ended up dropping Kenny due to his performance under stress and pressure at tournaments. He was later than picked up by Titan in 2014 and competed with his teammates at ESL 2015, placing 13th at the event, though he was latter exchanged for a player on EnVyUs, with that team he managed to place 2 at the second major ESL. From there he continued with that team to win some of the biggest championships in 2016, including Global eSports Cup-Season 1 and the GFINITY CS:GO INVITATIONAL, which they ended up winning in the finals. Though later in 2017, it came out that he would be dropped and moved to G2 esports, which is his team that he still currently plays for. Kenny S, one of the best players in Counter Strike history, didn’t have an average way of becoming pro, starting from a young age and had to prove his worth in the big league, despite the experience he was still able to churn out high quality performance and show everyone that he was a force to be reckoned with. Kenny had to climb to the top, and now that he’s there there isn’t a single doubt that comes to anyone’s mind when questioned who the best CS:GO player is, because any sane person would instantly think of the one and only Kenny S.

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