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Movie Review: Love, Simon

Kara Halligan, Contributor

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Love, Simon

Love, Simon is a romantic drama released on March 16, 2018. The movie is about a seventeen year old senior named Simone Spiers who lives a normal life. He lives in a nice neighborhood, with lovely parents, a good sister, goes to a regular high school, and has normal friends, but he has one big secret: he’s gay. He hasn’t come out to anyone yet, because he’s not sure how to. Simon often likes to say “Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck on a ferris wheel. One minute I’m on top of the world, then the next I’m at rock bottom” to describe the feeling. The film was directed by Greg Berlanti and written by Becky Albertalli. The movie depicts the struggles of coming out as a teenager and normal high school drama as Simon has to figure out how to keep his secret while also juggling all his friends’ emotions as well. It covers everything from telling your parents you’re gay, to failed promposals in front of the whole school. The secret was one he thought he was struggling with all alone, until an anonymous contributor by the code name Blue submits a post to the school website admitting that he is gay. Simon, ecstatic from knowing he’s not alone, sends an email to the fake email address using the code name Jacque. Having finally found someone he can relate to, he feels on top of the world, until a classmate manages to find and screenshot his emails, and he’s right back at rock bottom. His agenda now consists of trying to figure out who Blue is, dealing with being blackmailed, and balancing out the normal drama of highschool life, but now so much more is on the line. Love, Simon is an amazing film for many reasons. It touches on struggles many teens have that many other platforms don’t, as well as being very forward thinking and including a gay main character. These diverse characters and new plotline made the movie a very refreshing thing to see in mainstream media. The movie itself is also very adorable and leaves the audience heartwarmed after watching this boy just trying his best to be accepted by the ones he loves for who he loves. It’s truly an amazing film that I recommend for everyone to go see.

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Movie Review: Love, Simon