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Smaller House, Bigger Living

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As more people start to buy houses, some realize that they don’t want the hassle of always having to get a house sitter whenever they leave the house. Also, others start to get a travel bug, and decide they would rather spend their money on experiences, not things. This leads to them buying a smaller, portable houses so they can travel wherever they want and move wherever there is an open plot of land. Some of these houses can be smaller than 100 square feet! That is about one tenth the size of the average United States home. With the cheaper house, the lifestyle that the owner can lead becomes more free. Some space adaptations are forced to be made in order to accommodate for the smaller square footage. For example, most tiny houses have a loft bedroom above the central living space. This loft typically can only fit one queen mattress. If stairs lead up to the loft, each individual step can be used as a drawer to store items like clothes, books, and pots and pans. Finally, one of the coolest aspects about these houses is that they are mounted on a trailer, so that when the scenery in one area is looking a bit drab, you can just pick up your house and move to the next available plot of land. This flexible lifestyle is great for anyone who loves to travel!

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Smaller House, Bigger Living