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Spy: Movie Review

Jessica Jahja, Contributor

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Spy was released on June 5, 2015 and Paul Feig, as the director, was able to make a whopping $235.7 million. This hit comedy goes along a story where CIA analyst, Susan Cooper, works a desk job helping CIA agents, especially Bradley Fine, avoid danger by talking through their earpieces. After Bradley was murdered by a Bulgarian arms dealer, Boyanov,  during his mission, Susan decides to pursue her dream of an official CIA agent and go undercover avenging Bradley and gathering more information on Boyanov. The very popular comedic actors Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, Rose Byrne, and Jude Law, made this film incredibly humorous and engaging/exciting to watch. Especially since McCarthy and Statham has worked together before on other comedic films, the special connection between the actors showed through the quality of the film and made it seem more natural and realistic rather than fake. And all the actors/actresses definitely seemed more natural and in their true selves since the main cast have known each other before and have also already become acquainted with Paul Feig and his style/way of his films. But even though there is an extremely talented cast with an amazing director who is known for making hit movies, some say the humor in this film have gone a little bit too far. Since this film is an action/comedic film there are plenty of action scenes that are meant to look awkward in order to be humorous but a little too much action and violence and suck out the humor and smile from the audience. And knowing Paul Feig, this film was not created for an audience of all ages. So since there is a certain limit to the audience, the movie is not as popular and engaging for everyone. But with the exception of the audience being limited, and an excess of violence, this film is still great and incredibly exciting to watch. The film can leave an audience leaning on the edge of their seats waiting to see what happens next which is why “Spy” is a fun, appealing movie to watch.

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