The Oscars are Rigged

Keshav Sreedharan, Comtributor

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The Oscars is the biggest celebration of cinema of the year and an enormous amount of films are eligible for Oscars. For the best picture category, 341 movies were eligible for nomination! That’s a lot and one of the biggest disappointments of this year’s awards season was the fact that the “Emoji Movie” did not even get a nomination. The fact that this beautifully crafted masterpiece didn’t even strike up a nomination got me thinking about how a movie would truly become a possible nominee. The road to a nomination is a long one and there are many paths a director can take his film through to get a higher chance of a nomination. Filmmakers aiming for a best picture nomination usually showcase their feature film at certain film festivals throughout the year. For example, this year’s best picture winner, “ The Shape of Water”, made an appearance at the Venice Film Festival and won a prestigious award. This just goes to show that winning awards throughout the year in film festivals can greatly higher your chances of getting a nomination and winning an Oscar. This brings me back to the “Emoji Movie” and how the Oscars must be rigged. A beautiful movie like the “Emoji Movie” should have at least gotten a nomination.

There were so many emotions expressed throughout the film and the plot was very modern and relatable for our generation. Of course the “Emoji Movie” did not attend any major film festivals. With all the big name directors and films quickly earning slots in said festivals, how could an underdog film like the “ Emoji Movie” have even gotten a slot to be showcased in a film festival? The fact that the “Emoji Movie” didn’t get a nomination for best picture and didn’t attend any major festivals must only mean one thing. There are many beautiful films that more than deserved an Oscar but fell short of the award because they couldn’t attend a film festival. The fact that the Oscars favor films that have attended film festivals and ignore ones that haven’t can only mean one thing. The Oscars are rigged!

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