The Babysitter: Movie Summary & Review

Avanti Ramraj, Contributor

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Released to Netflix on October 12, 2017, The BabImage result for the babysitterysitter gained immediate popularity with its nearly 94 million viewers. Its major appeal mostly comes from its starring characters, who are all popular tv show actors and YouTubers and influencers, such as Bella Thorne, Robbie Amell, and King Bach. But although this is a major part of every movie’s appeal, its ratings also depend on the script and acting of the characters, which in this movie, were both quite terrible. The plot itself was quite dry, starting off with a boy and a bully, the usual, and a strong powerful figure, the babysitter, who just happens to be completely gorgeous, who has the power to protect even the weakest little boy. The movie’s plot then turns to a high school boy who’s falling in love with his babysitter, with an at least 3 year age gap, who just happens to have all of his interests and is kind and sweet and everything else someone would want in a girlfriend. Then the parents leave, also the usual, and the kid goes to sleep. Except on this certain night, he doesn’t, staying up late to Facetime with his girlfriend, and when hearing sounds gets out of bed to see his babysitter has invited some of her friends who are playing truth or dare. It seems like a regular high school version of the game with making out and dancingImage result for the babysitter, etc. until a guy gets killed and they collect his blood. The kid then realized that his babysitter is part of a satanic cult that will kill with no mercy to get what they need. With a thin predictable plot consisting of only the occasional dark and dirty immature humor, it’s viewer rating of 3 out of 5 is a little too much. I’d say that it would be 85 minutes of your life you’ll feel you wasted and will never get back so really, don’t watch this movie!!!

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