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Is One Direction Back

Samantha Phan, Contributor

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Popular by band One Direction split up in March, 2016.  Zayn Malik left first, and the rest of the group then stated that they would be taking a “hiatus” from the band later.

The former band members have still been busy.  Niall is continuing his career in music, Harry has decided to try acting, Liam has “moved on to a solo career”, Louis is taking care of his son, and Zayn is making his own albums.  But the question is if they are actually getting back together?

In March, many thought that the One Direction breakup was permanent.  Most suspected that it was because the other members saw how Zayn was doing on his own, and wanted to do the same.  But recently Niall stated that the band would be getting back together.  His exact words to the Sunday Post were “We will be back.  It would be silly not to…ridiculous,”.  There has been no confirmation from other band members since.

Others are concerned that if One Direction does get back together, will they be the same as before?  Many feel that their last concert was a bit like saying goodbye.  Others think that since the group is older, they have lost a bit of their “young teenage boyband” look, and if they got back together, then they would have to completely redo their image.

So, will One Direction get back together, and if they do, will it be different?

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Is One Direction Back