Why LeBron James can be the GOAT

Andrew Madrigal, Contributor

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LeBron James is easily seen as the best player in the National Basketball Association (NBA), and can easily be considered one of the most dominant players professional basketball has ever seen. What many are asking though, is whether or not he is the greatest of all time (GOAT). He is competing with many great players for this title, but really only one stands out, Michael Jordan, who is considered the GOAT. With 6 championships, 10 scoring titles, and many more achievements, Micheal seems like the GOAT, right? When compared to LeBron’s 3 championships, the choice seems obvious, but looks can definitely be deceiving, and when you look at the big picture, you start to fall in LeBron’s favor. Less than a month ago, LeBron became the first player ever to have 30,000 points, 8,000 rebounds and 8,000 assists, and months prior, LeBron became the youngest player, even younger than Jordan, to reach 30,000 points, and putting himself on point to become the NBA all time leading scorer. Not only do LeBron’s rebounding, passing and even scoring numbers are way higher or about the same as Jordan’s numbers, but they continue to grow with every game LeBron plays. Even LeBron’s defense can exceed Jordan’s, as he can play on ball defense and get steals about as well, but when you add his incredible ability to contest and block shots much better than Jordan, you could argue LeBron’s defense is overall better than Jordan’s. The final and toughest arguments are championships. Jordan has twice as many rings as LeBron, which makes it easy for people to call him better, but it doesn’t say everything. Just take Robert Horry for example. He has 8 rings, and he isn’t even in the hall of fame. The case is simple, and it’s that Jordan wasn’t alone, and had help. His teammate, Dennis Rodman, was easily one of the best rebounders and defenders in NBA history, while his other teammate, Scottie Pippen, was very athletic and a great scorer. During Jordan’s championship runs, he had two future hall of famers on his team to help him bring the team a championship. LeBron’s problem is that he has never been on a team nearly as good as Jordan’s, especially in this era of basketball where there are “super teams” or very talented teams. With the exception of Kyrie, LeBron has been stuck alone to carry his team to a championship, with either average or old players, and yet somehow he has managed to get 3 rings, including one to his beloved city of Cleveland, Ohio. He had to do much more to earn his rings, and have to carry his team in order to have a shot at another ring. In conclusion, LeBron can surpass Jordan if he can be remain as good as he is now for a few more years, which would make him the GOAT.

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