Kareem Abdul Jabbar: The greatest center in NBA history

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Kareem Abdul Jabbar, who was actually born Lew Alcindor, was born on April 16, 1947. He was extremely tall for as age ever since he was a little kid, and he would eventually become a very tall 7 feet 2 inches as an adult. In high school, he played extremely well, and was the top player in the country. He took him and his talent to UCLA, where he led the Bruins to 3 consecutive national college championships. After his very successful and final season at UCLA, he went into the NBA draft, where the Milwaukee Bucks took him with the first overall pick in 1969. His rookie year, he was leading the NBA in points per game, and he had won Rookie Of The Year award. It didn’t take him very long to lead his team to its only championship in 1971, where he was finals MVP. It was actually a little after this that he had changed his name to Kareem Abdul Jabbar. After a few more years of stellar play, he was traded to the Lakers. A few years went by, and no championship trophies came to L.A, but all doubt went away when the Lakers picked up rookie Magic Johnson. Together, the duo formed what was known as the Showtime era in Los Angeles, where they won 5 championships in 10 years. Kareem, although not as dominant as he was in this time, produced each night on the hardwood, and by the time he retired, he had become the NBA’s all time leading scorer with exactly 38,387 career points. Many have called him the greatest center of all time, and with the numbers and statistics he has put up over his career, he should at least be in the running for greatest player of all time.

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