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ARK: Survival Evolved

Arka Chattaraj, Contributor

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ARK: Survival Evolved is a survival game like no other. This game was made by Studio Wildcard, Instinct Games, Efecto Studios, and Virtual Basement and it costs somewhere from $30 to $60 depending on when you are looking at it. In the game, you try to survive in a world full of dinosaurs. You can even tame these dinosaurs to help you survive. In this game, you start off with nothing and try to survive against dinosaurs that attack you while you collect resources like wood, thatch, stone, and berries to survive. In this game, you can even go online where other people can raid your bases and steal your stuff. The game is centered around a giant map in which you can survive however you want to. You level up by breaking things, killing things, and taming things and after you level up, you receive these things called engram point which you spend to get new blueprints to make or build new things, you can get weapons(guns, spears, etc.), walls, floors, and items(for example the waterskin which you use to carry around water when you travel because you need water to survive in this game). This game has some important things to keep in mind as you are playing like health, food, water, stamina, weight, and heat and if you die you lose all of your items and return to your last spawn point, which could either be the last bed you slept in or, if you have no beds, one of the default spawn points. The way you tame things early on is you punch them to knock them out and feed them what they like if the thing you knocked out is a carnivore then feed it meat and if it is a herbivore then feed it berries. When taming, you also have to keep the animal knocked out so you have to feed it narcoberries, later in the game you can get tranquilizer arrows and darts for your bows and guns and narcotics to take place of the narcoberries. After you have tamed some things and you have leveled up enough you can make and equip saddles to dinosaurs, some dinosaurs can fly like the Argentavis, some can jump high like, some have a lot of weight that they can handle so you can put more of your stuff with them, and some have very high attack damage and speed. When you are playing online you can make tribes with your friends and then you can share dinosaurs. Dinosaurs that you have tamed can defend your base when somebody is trying to raid it and can defend you when another dinosaur is trying to attack you. The ore that you use to make all of the more advanced things like metal walls and guns is just called metal and you have to use a refining forge to make ore into metal bars. There are also multiple bosses in this game called the Broodmother Lysrix, Dragon, Manticore, Megapithecus, Overseer, Rockwell, and the Rockwell Tentacle. The creators of this game are always releasing new DLCs(downloadable content) their newest one being ARK: Aberration featuring a world and dinosaurs after a radioactive apocalypse. Although the popularity of ARK has gone down over time, it is still a great and fun game.

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