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Review of NFL games on Thanksgiving

Alexander Maguire, Contributor

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It’s Thanksgiving, and that can only mean a few things, food, family, and most importantly, football. This Thanksgiving’s games were underwhelming to say the least. The teams that played were; the Detroit Lions vs the Minnesota Vikings. the Washington Redskins vs the Dallas Cowboys, and the Pittsburg Steelers vs the Indianapolis Colts.  The Lions vs the Vikings was a low-scoring game. While it was the most watched  game of 2016, it did not live up to expectations. The game mattered to the teams, as both are trying to clinch a spot in the playoffs the game did not keep interest until the 4th quarter. With time running out and the game was expected to go i to overtime, the Lion’s defense made an interception to set up a field goal, ultimately winning the game. Asides from the last hurrah, the game had a lot of incompletions and punts, and only two touchdowns. However the Redskins vs Cowboys was a thriller. A high scoring 26-31 win for the Cowboys was a nail-biter. While the Redskin’s quarterback had one more touchdown and over 200 more yards than the Cowboy’s, the running game for the Cowboys was much better. This game mattered, the winner helped to decide who would make it to the playoffs. The last game was quite possibly the worst game this season. The very anticipated Colts vs Steelers ended with many leaving early. The game ended 28-7 and seemed much larger of a margin of victory. At halftime it was 21-7. No one even scored in the 3rd quarter and only one touchdown was scored in the entire second half, making this game very boring for viewers. The game was dominated by the Steeler’s runningback and wide receiver, Le’veon Bell and Antonio Brown. While one game kept you interested, the others were at best mediocre, so overall this years Thanksgiving brawls were a huge letdown.

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Review of NFL games on Thanksgiving