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Death of Fidel Castro

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Recently Cuba’s former leader Fidel Castro died and most of Cuba is participating in the 9 day mourning period that began on the 26th of November. The Cuban leader died at the age of 90 and his death is being recognized by all Cuban broadcasting systems as they are broadcasting patriotic and historical programs. His body is being cremated on the 30th and there are 4 ceremonies and masses being held in his honor. However Cuban exiles in Miami are celebrating Castro’s death and saying that Cuba is now free from Castro’s tyranny. Castro ruled for 5 decades and was attempted to be killed 600 times. China’s president Xi Jinpeng spoke to the world that China had lost a great friend and that Castro had achieved great achievements for the development of world socialism. Many other world leaders and presidents also commemorated Castro’s death with kind words, saying that he was a great man. Many viewed Castro as an enemy of human rights and that people had to move away from their country because Castro didn’t give his people freedom. Fidel Castro’s brother Raul is the new president of Cuba and he also says that his brother was a great man. The president elect Donald Trump states that he wants to sever the relations that Obama made in Cuba. Overall there are many mixed emotions over Fidel Castro’s death

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Death of Fidel Castro