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The War on Christmas

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With this holiday season starting up the topic of The War on Christmas is coming up again. Some people don’t know what the War on Christmas is but this article is here to inform you about it. This “War” is because in the first Amendment it states that government and religion should mix and that the government shouldn’t endorse any specific religion. Many people think that other people like government officials and school teachers shouldn’t say the words merry Christmas because it’s a Christian holiday and they are associating with Christianity by saying merry Christmas. President elect Donald Trump commented on this issue saying that once he won Americans would be able to say merry Christmas again. People who have a different religion think that it is not fair that the world celebrates Christmas a Christian holiday but not their holidays. But many others argue that even though Christmas is a Christian holiday it is a season and holiday of giving gifts not necessarily celebrating the birth of Jesus. This War has been going on for about a decade and it is a war against liberals and conservatives with the liberals wanting people to say happy holidays instead of merry Christmas. I believe that it isn’t that big of a problem as most people say merry Christmas no matter what their religion or faith is and that it is a thing that people naturally say to celebrate winter or the season of giving.

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The War on Christmas