Trump’s Top 5 Mistakes in the Past Year

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Trump’s Top 5 Mistakes in the Past Year

A. Becerra, Student

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Donald J. Trump was born on June 14th, 1946 in Queens, New York to his father Fred Trump a wealthy New York-based businessman who was worth millions, and his mother Mary Anne MacLeod Trump, a domestic worker. Before he entered the political scene, Trump enjoyed writing defamatory statements about public figures and pressing the tweet button with his big hands.

When Trump entered politics no one thought that he would spontaneously be the victor of the election, but because of foreign aid and help from white supremacist groups, he successfully claimed the presidency. 

Because of a Republican majority in congress Trump was able to pass many bills and do many things during his presidency, (in no specific order) here is the list of the top five mistakes Trump has made so far during his first term:

5) Trump is permitting al-Qaeda to do so as they please by forging an unspoken alliance with Russia and Iran driving Syrian citizens to look for help from al-Qaeda which continues to grow by the minute. The spontaneous growth of this regime helps it plan to expand its regime by any means necessary.

4) He has criticized the FBI and the intelligence agency, which is only trying to help secure our country. Of course, Trump is allowed to be upset that leaks are making their way from the Oval Office to the front page but he should not place the blame on our institutions filled mostly with American loving patriots that contain a very minimal amount of corrupt individuals.

3) His vile tweets weaken the role of the presidency. Trump has overlooked some things that he has been able to accomplish in the past year by attacking news reporters, politicians and celebrities that disagree with him. He doesn’t fully comprehend the power and splendor that is appointed to the president. He needs to learn that his dirty and foul tactics that gained him the presidency can’t help him now.

2) He has ignored credible claims of Russian interference in the 2016 election, claiming that since he trusts Putin’s denial of those claims those claims are false. It’s obvious why Putin could have directed his intelligence agencies to influence the votes in favor of Trump and it’s nonsensical to deny it. The thought of an external government influencing and undermining American democracy should infuriate American no matter if they are far left or far right.

1) He fails to condemn people who act inappropriately. He failed to condemn the Alt-Right after the Charlottesville incident in which a man ran over anti-racist protesters. His response stating that there were “many sides” at fault for the incident was just disgraceful, being president is supposed to be difficult, but denouncing neo-Nazis for their racist actions shouldn’t be. Trump also failed to condemn alleged predator Roy Moore, who ran for a senate seat with the full support of Trump. This denial of claims against M00re showed women that the GOP cares more about party than the benefits that he country can receive from bipartisanship.

We could be commemorating the success of Trump in the past year, but instead we find ourselves looking back in retrospect and regretting giving the executive power to a person who doesn’t understand his duties and misuses his capabilities.

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