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Unconventional Pizza Delivery?

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We all know and love pizza. There are so many different stores where you can buy pizza, but if you just want to stay at home, some stores will deliver it right to your doorstep. To celebrate the holidays, Domino’s pizza is doing something a little different than your average car delivery. In fact, they are using a reindeer to deliver pizzas. Before you get too excited, though—these deliveries are currently only taking place in Japan. To track the reindeer and see where it is with the pizza, a cell phone app can be used. Even though this idea is unique and cool, it may not happen. The reindeer does not like balancing boxes on its back. The boxes often fall off, as well. Seeing as most customers like receiving their whole pizza, Domino’s will most likely continue training the reindeer for a bit longer in order to ensure happy customers in the future when this delivery method is finally used. Domino’s hopes to start the reindeer delivery system as early as December 1. However, Domino’s is also thinking of other delivery methods to use. In the past, these have included delivery by drone, delivery by truck, and delivery by canoe. I just wish I lived in Japan!

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Unconventional Pizza Delivery?