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The Garfield Show-ish


Avanti Ramraj, Contributor

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The Garfield Show-ish

Hey there, my name’s Garfield, and I’m a talking cat. I live with my “brother”, at least that’s what Jon, my owner, calls him, Odie. He’s quite the numbskull so to speak, but most of the time we get along. There was that one time where he came into the house through my kitty door instead of his doggy door and while doing this ripped the hinges of my door. Jon didn’t find out though…until a skunk came into the house through the now propped open kitty door and sprayed the couch. Worst of all, I got blamed for the smell, even though I’m a cat and clean myself, while Odie flops around, like a discolored pig with fur, in the mud in the garden and for all I know probably dumpster dives too. Jon poured 17 cans of tomato juice on me that night, and I had to take a what seemed like lifelong shower, so now I’m probably down to 8 of those.

Now you may be wondering, if I’m a talking cat do I do other human-like things too? Well, the answer to that question is yes. To start with a few of my favorite things to do, I love going to the pizza place around the corner, but surprisingly enough, I hate pizza. There’s only one thing at Murphy’s IN really love. Lasagna. With the ooey gooey cheese and tangy marinara sauce, all in between layers of thin pasta, it’s an absolute masterpiece in my opinion. I mean who needs art made by Vincent Van Gogh when you can just Go to the Murphy’s and get an even better piece of art for your mouth. That’s right, Gordon Ramsay ain’t got nothin’ on this lasagna.

Another one of my favorite things to do is go exploring with Odie. I mean I don’t like him thaaaat much but sometimes, I get a little lonely. This one time we went to the house at the end of Jon street, and yes my owner’s just a little egotistical and wanted to live on a street that was his own name. I know this seems like a boring venture, but that house…had a treasure. Before we even walked into the dark grey-walled, dim room, the creepy tingle down my back had already begun. No one had lived there for at least 100 years, that probably being the reason for the cobwebs really everywhere. As me and Odie walked through the dimly like hallways we saw the creepiest paintings ever everywhere, but the one thing I started to notice was that each room had a theme. For example, the first room was entirely blue, with a video game console and a humongous flat-screen tv. The next room was quite the same, except pretty much totally different. It was entirely pink with a large wardrobe with an equally large mirror on top and had an entire walk-in closet.

But the next room was where I hit my jackpot. As we walked in I immediately realized that I had found my holy grail. The walls were painted in various shades of yellow and red and orangey-white tones. In the center of the room lay a box, a lasagna box. As I began running over to the box, I heard a loud thud…

“Odie!”, I yelled as I sat up on my bed in a swift movement. That’s when I began to come to my senses realizing I wasn’t a cat, my name was Avanti, and that my dog’s name was Willie. I also realized I should really stop watching that show on Netflix, “The Garfield Show”.Related image

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