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Sean Evpak, Contributor

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Our school, Winston Churchill Middle School is a great school. It is a very kind and loving school with teachers that will support you throughout your entire year. We have grades 6th to 8th. Our school features 3 programs, Passport, Avid and International Baccalaureate . We have six periods a day, and homeroom. Classes you are required to take are English and history (Core classes), Science, and Math. IB has to take those classes plus an elective and a language.  Our languages that we provide are Chinese, French, and Spanish. We also have many electives. Some of them are Art (6th,7th,8th), Band(6th,7th,8th), Drama(7th), BTV(8th), and Tech(8th). Of course there are many more than these. We have two lunches due to our great amount of students. There is A lunch which is after 3rd period, and there is B lunch which is after 4th period.We also have many after school activities such as flag football, volleyball and dance team.

Our principal is Mr. Dolan who is always there to help you. Our new vice principal is Mr. Magliola. In the last year we have had many new classrooms installed. These classrooms have been equipped with new desks, chairs, and each classroom has 2 brand new flat screen TVs. Overall this school is wonderful and if you have a chance, stop by and see it!

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Our School