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BTV Behind the Scenes

Sean Evpak, Contributor

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BTV is WCMS’s television that broadcasts announcements, birthdays, and upcoming events to all of the students during homeroom. BTV stands for Bulldog Television. We have two crews that rotate out each quarter. The period that they film is 4th period. During this period the crew goes around the school filming, they then take the video they filmed and edit using the various computer in the classroom. There are two editing programs that the students can choose to use. They are iMovie and Final Cut Pro. iMovie is a more basic version of Final Cut. Students mainly use this when first starting. Final Cut has many more features than iMovie but is a whole lot more complicated. Final Cut is usually starting to be used by the end of the quarter. This classroom is equipped with plenty of iMacs, several Macbooks, over 10 camcorders, and a green screen room. The students use the green screen room to film  in places they could probably never before. Our great teacher for this class is Mr. Darrow. He helps us with any difficulties along the way. We submit our finished projects at the end of the day and Mr. Darrow puts them all together, plus the pledge of allegiance, to make a final end product of a BTV show.

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BTV Behind the Scenes