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Best Ways to Study

Noelle Song, Contributor

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As we all know midterms are coming later this month, and we all know that our current grades right now may drop because of our midterm scores. These scores are what our report card  and our future GPA depend on. So in order to do well on our upcoming tests we have to study. But what are the best ways said to study? It has been said that it is best to do it when you are tired, or sleepy. It is best to space your studying out, because if you cram in all the information you need to know you are most likely to forget a majority of the information. So you can take little naps after a certain period of time, 10-20 minutes is the ideal amount of sleep for a nap, in order to have the highest productivity time. It is also good to move around occasionally, move from place to place. You might study in your room for 2 hours than move to the living room. It is said to help the memory, so when you think of the information, you will think of all the information that you studied in that room. Same goes for color coating notes, when you think of a certain color you will remember the information that you wrote in that color. So if you use these factors the your success rate of your midterm will go up a considerable amount.

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Best Ways to Study