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Virtual Reality

Spencer Block, Contributor

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Today, more and more of them are bought and used in new ways.  Virtual Reality headsets are now being used in new ways that no one thought of before.  People young and old are trying the virtual reality headsets.our Virtual reality creates an entirely new world for people to explore.  One of the uses of new virtual reality headsets is that you can travel places with them.  People who are in hospitals or in retirement facilities are now using virtual reality to go as far as seeing their old house or going to a virtual reality amusement park.  Others such as young people are developing a new use, video games and sports.  With the latest technology of virtual reality you can play games with them.  One new sport that has started using the headsets is F.P.V. drone racing.  With the drone racing, you wear a headset that connects to the camera on the front of your drone.  This headset gives you a first person view from your drone.  Drones race had high speeds through complicated tracks.  Another way that these virtual reality headsets have been used is in video games.  For instance, the PlayStation VR.  This headset uses a motion sensor to detect your movements then projects the game into the headset giving you a first person view of the game.  With an added accessory of the motion controllers which are optional, you can use it to swing a weapon or other objects.

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Virtual Reality