The History of Soccer

Keon Abedi

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Soccer is a very popular sport throughout the entire world, with billions of fans and people who play the game. Soccer began during the 1800’s in Britain, as the sport rugby was modified throughout the century, with the English creating the rule of not touching the ball with hands. In the year 1863, the first match of the Football Association (soccer is called football in most other parts of the world) was played in Britain, and with the first game a success, other new rules for the game were continued over time. For example, the penalty kick was introduced in 1891, and the yellow and red cards was introduced in 1970. During the 1800’s, soccer became popular quickly, with the sport being played in many countries, especially in countries in Europe and South America. Soccer continued to gain popularity, and in 1904 the FIFA group was made in Paris, and in 1930 the first World Cup was played in Uruguay, with the host country as the winner. After this, the World Cup was played every four years, except for two times, when it was interrupted during World War 2. Over time, soccer became more and more popular in the world, with most countries creating their own soccer teams and competitions. Today, soccer is the most popular sport in the world, with 3.5 billion fans in 2017. Of all places, soccer is especially popular in most Spanish speaking countries, as it is in most cases a big part of the culture of many of these countries. For example, in many Spanish speaking countries, soccer can be very serious for people, and while a victory for a certain team can thrill the audience, a loss can cause devastate the public, which sometimes results in violence between the fans of one team and the fans of another team, or occasionally between the fans and their own teams when they lose. An example of this is how in 1994, after he scored a goal in his goal, the player Andrés Escobar was killed brutally by some of his own former fans. Football is very easy to play, and sport needs only a ball, so soccer is very popular all over the world, not only in wealthy communities, but also in poor communities. Soccer is a big part of life in many Spanish speaking countries as the sport is very easy to play, doesn’t require much to play, and can make anyone truly gifted at the sport rich. Overall, soccer s the most popular sport in the world, with a very complicated and rich history, and I greatly suggest you play the sport.

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