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All About Alexander Maguire
Hello, my name is Alexander Christopher Maguire. I was born on November 3rd 2003 in Walnut Creek California. I live in Sierra Oaks with my 14 year old brother, mother, and father. I am currently 13 years old. I went to Country Oaks for preschool, Sierra Oaks and Del Paso manor for elementary, and currently attend Winston Churchill Middle School. My favorite subject in school is Science, yet I enjoy History, BTV, and English as well. Over the span of my lifetime, I have had the pleasure of trying mny things and meeting many people. I have played baseball, basketball,soccer,flag football, tennis, and many more sports. I enjoy being with some of my friends which include but are not limited to Wills, Isaiah, Jalen, Will, Liam, Evan, TA, and Jason. A few interesting facts about me are that I have: Been to Greece, never had a pet, almost beat the world record for an old, 1987 acrade game called Shao Lin's Road, and will eat just about anything besides eggplants, cauliflower, zucchini, and brussel sprouts. My favorite thibgs in life are popsicles and swimming on a hot summer day, pouring water on my heard during a soccer game, the feel of the ball on the bat when you make solid contact in baseball, and the feeling you get when you plunge down a drop on a roller coaster.

Alexander Maguire, Contributor