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Andrew’s Profile
Andrew Madrigal is a fourteen year old boy who is currently attending Winston Churchill Middle School. Born in Modesto, California, he moved away at 6 months old to Sacramento, where he has lived ever since. Andrew has a brother and sister, while his parents are divorced. Andrew dreams to one day be a star in the NBA, as basketball is his entire life. Ever since he was a little kid, Andrew has trained vigorously to one day make his dream a reality. His favorite sports teams are the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers and Oakland Raiders. Andrew loves listening to rap, and his favorite rapper is Tupac. Andrew’s favorite foods are tacos, burritos, steak, and fish. His favorite dessert is ice cream, preferably sherbet. He is a humorous person, who loves nothing more but cracking a good joke when the time’s right. Andrew’s favorite hobbies are relaxing and playing video games, specifically fortnite. Andrew lives with three animals, 2 birds named Tiki and Rufus, 1 dog named Bella, and 1 ferret named Cocoa. He is extremely lazy, yet reliable, and he hopes to change that in the future. He has goals, and he is more than determined to reach them through hard work and determination.

Andrew, Contributor