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Animesh Tiwary
Hello, my name is Animesh Tiwary. I was born in the Sanjuan Hospital in January 14, 2003 in Sacremento. My hobbies are endless but I can name the most I usually do all the time. I like to play video games (preferably alongside people or online), eat food, candy, soccer, basketball, use my phone, and hang out with friends. Some things I am known for in my family is being very attentive and most of the time, responsible. A fun fact that I found out is in hindi (indian language) Animesh means to be open-eyed or in other words, be attentive, which represents my personality. My favorite foods are burritos and tacos because of how good the taste is and the combination of vegetables. My favorite place to visit is Los Angeles because it has a lot of great places to visit like fairs, universities, and more!  My favorite sport to play is soccer because you can do lots of tricks with it and is easy.

Animesh Tiwary, Contributor

Nov 29, 2016
Nov 19, 2016
Nintendo NX (Story)