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Jasmyn James is 14 years old and is an eight grader at Winston Churchill Middle School. She enjoys watching football, basketball and soccer. She plays soccer for Union Sacramento FC. She also hopes to run track this spring. Her parents are divorced but she lives with both her mom and dad, and she has a little sister named Jordyn who is in 6th grade. She has  three dogs, Ivy, MJ, and Bentley and a cat named Percy Jackson.  Her hobbies include swimming, photography, fitness challenges, DIY projects, yoga, reading, playing with her four pets, hanging out with her friends, and volunteering at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter. Her favorite thing to do is listening to music and her favorite artists are Lauryn Hill, The Fugees, and Erykah Badu. She hopes to attend either Christian Brothers High School or Capital Christian High School. For college she would like to attend either the University of Oregon or the University of California Berkeley to continue her education. When she is older she hopes to be a sports television broadcaster, the editor of Teen Vogue, and maybe a model. 

Jasmyn James, writer/contributor

Mar 13, 2018
Killmonger: The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Most Enthralling Villain (Story)