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Staff Profile: Keon Abedi
Keon Abedi is an 8th grade student with black hair and glasses, who currently attends Winston Churchill Middle School, Carmichael, California and is a part of Mr. Unmack's Core 1/2 class. Born in 2004 in Providence, Rhode Island, US,  Keon enjoyed his first 5 years on the east coast before moving to Sacramento, California, with his mother, father and younger brother. Keon's hobbies include a wide range of different things, such as playing video games, soccer, tennis, ping pong, air hockey, watching TV, and reading books. Keon plays multiple sports, such as soccer, tennis, swimming, golf, and basketball, all of which he greatly enjoys. Additionally, Keon Abedi has multiple pets, including four fish (the name of which are Fishy, Fishy Senior, Fishy Junior, and Brother Fishy) and two cats, the name of which are Fluffy and Claws. Keon speaks 2 languages, English and Persian, and knows a very small amount of Spanish and German. Keon's favorite subject is science, and his favorite time of the year is summer break, when he is free from any possible time consuming schoolwork. Keon has one younger brother named Arman, a six year old who greatly loves his older brother and enjoys reading and playing with him. While Keon has always enjoyed writing and doing different projects, what really motivated him to write stories on this website was the assignment he received for his 8th grade English class, which he currently attends. Keon’s hopes that he will be able to write interesting stories for this website, in the hopes of providing interesting and informative stories for the children of Winston Churchill Middle School. Keon Abedi is currently a thirteen year old boy who lives in the urban areas of Sacramento, California, US with his mother, father, and younger brother, and has just finished enjoying his President's Week break.

Keon Abedi, Story Writer

Mar 12, 2018
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Mar 07, 2018
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