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Avanti Ramraj
Avanti Ramraj is an writer for fun, but a doctor by heart. At 13, she aspires to be one of the best in her class. Creativity flows through her veins, so writing of any sort, especially fantasy and fiction, come quite easily. She also has an interest in zombies and Sci-Fi type stories involving explosions and chemicals and the affect those things have on the human population. This may be a contributing factor/a product of her deep interest in medicine and human anatomy/all human body based sciences. She is an only child, but her mother’s side comes with a long line of doctors, all inspiring her in their ways of helping people. Her life to date has been hard, especially with losses of many loved ones due to illnesses such as cancer and heart disease, but these events only push her more today to become a better person and help those in need. She writes about some of these events, and uses this form of almost art to express feelings of pain and light in hard times and good ones. As one of her favorite quotes goes, said by Eleanor Roosevelt, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” And as it goes, this is what she will always do. 

Avanti Ramraj, Contributor

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Avanti Ramraj