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Eric Liu
When I look back on my life, I see things that I have done that I both love, and hate, so I try to live my life without regrets because regretting something is the same as missing an experience which good or bad, are good to have. My name is Eric Liu, and I live with a mom and a dad, and a sister and two cats, an old grey and white striped one, and a younger feistier white one that loves to run. I live in California and have lived here my entire life, and have only moved once, which although was sad, didn't really affect me because I was young at the time. When I am not in school having fun, two of my favorite things to do are go skiing with my family, and occasionally cooking a recipe I see on Buzzfeed's Tasty office. Skiing in the cold, and the feeling of going down a slope so quickly is a feeling that is both exhilarating and unforgettable and is definitely something everyone should try. As for cooking, its a different experience that although is not as intense of a hobby is still an exciting thing in its own right. Finding a new recipe teaches you so much about how flavors work together and behind every recipe is culture and someone that spend effort writing that to get a final result, a delicious dish that is fun to make and to eat. Something fun that I also do is play the electric bass, which is actually pretty easy and fun and for the near future, my only goal is to get better at the things I already do!

Eric Liu, Contributor

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Eric Liu