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Jessica Jahja, born on August 7, 2004, was raised in a family of a mother, father, and two older brothers. Ever since she was born, she has been living in the same house growing up. So far, throughout her whole life, she has been travelling around the world almost every year. But while growing up in Sacramento, she attended Gold River Discovery Center for elementary school and Winston Churchill Middle School. RIght now, living as a 13-year old, she still attends Winston Churchill Middle. Ever since at the age of six, Jessica has been taking piano lessons but her main hobby is to dance and watch Youtube. When there is no technology around her, she enjoys playing board games with her siblings. Since her brothers are incredibly older than her, her eldest brother left to college when she was nine and her second older brother left when she was 11. Even with her brothers at home, Jessica has alwys been independent and has a passion for doing arts and crafts. Over the course of her lifetime, she has done various creative projects in her own free time. But ever since middle school has started, Jessica has put away her hobbies of arts and crafts and became more focused on homework. Some of her hopes for the future is to travel to more different countries around the world, graduate middle school successfully with straight A’s, and enjoy life to the fullest. And most importantly, she hopes to be happy in the future.

Jessica Jahja, Contributor

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Jessica Jahja