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Kara Halligan
Kara Halligan is an I.B. student attending Winston Churchill Middle School. She was born on August 14, 2004 in Los Angeles. She attended Sierra Oaks K-8 school up until the sixth grade in which she transferred to her current middle school. She is now in the eighth grade, thirteen years old, and is planning to attend Rio Americano as a high school next year. She currently resides in Sacramento, California. Her hobbies include playing soccer and lacrosse, she has played for eight years, spending time on a video platform called YouTube, and spending time with her closest friends. She has a great group of friends who are all very kind and can always make her smile. In the future, though she loves writing, she aspires to become either an artist, orthodontist, genetic counselor, or neuropsychologist. She is a very kind and caring and enjoys making others laugh. She is creative, loves drawing and has for a long time and wishes to further her skill and understanding of art. She also deeply enjoys math, biology, and depths of the human mind which are the fascinations that led her to those possible future careers. Family is also an important part of her life. Her immediate family includes her brother, Zach, her mother, Carla, and her father, Joe. She also has two pets, a dog named Bandit who is a havanese, and a cat named Ron which she rescued. She also often sees her biological father, Will, his wife, Caity, and his son, Liam who live in Napa, though her biological mother is not present.

Kara Halligan, Contributor

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Kara Halligan