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Keshav Sreedharan was born on February 25th in the year 2004. He is currently 14 years old and he attends Winston Churchill Middle School in Sacramento. Keshav, his parents, and his younger sister live in Gold River. Keshav has had many hobbies over the years; some that he hopes to keep with him and others that he doesn’t. He has tried his hand at sports such as soccer and basketball but now he enjoys playing tennis as much as possible. Keshav also has a great interest in music. He has been playing the piano and drums for most of his life and he recently picked up the clarinet. Keshav plays a lot of Jazz music and participates in a multitude of groups in and out of schools. He enjoys most kinds of music like pop, rap, and r&b but has a strong distaste for the redneck sound of modern country singers. Keshav enjoys learning about science and math but by far his favorite part of 8th grade is gobbling on some of Mr. Unmack’s candy. Though he has a couple of interests that have stayed with him for most of his life, Keshav is still in deep thought of what lies ahead.

Keshav , Contributor

Mar 23, 2018
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