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5 Again

A. Becerra, Contributor

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When John was five years-old all he wanted to do was become an astronaut, the kid loved everything to do with astronomy and loved to explore. When John was in grade school, he was always able to answer any questions about space. In fact, many student often asked him questions about their astronomy homework. In subjects like English and history, John often comprehended failure, for he would mostly fail in these subjects. John had a growing passion for space travel and with the news of the Space X Falcon nine launch he realized that his dream of being the first to take steps on the red planet was finally feasible. In high school, John took an elective class about astronomy and there he met some friends that he would stand by with for life. In college he majored in astronomy and made great friends with the professor. Professor Mitchell and John began to work together and created their own shuttle. From there, John and Professor Mitchell set out to find Elon Musk, the only man that would believe in their idea, and could fund everything. They left to Bel Air, California with about twenty dollars in their pockets and set out on an adventure to make their dreams possible. When they arrived in Bel Air they met Will Smith at the airport and they asked Will where they could find Elon Musk. Will looked at them and pointed up. From the ground, John and Professor Mitchell saw through a windowed off roof. The two could see a figure overhead sitting in a flying car that called out “Yo Will come on up and let’s get out of this place.” After that, Will grabbed the two and jumped up and through the roof and set the two inside of the flying car. Will introduced Elon Musk to them and they immediately began to recite their plans to create a stronger, more powerful Falcon heavy. Elon loved the idea and he decided to immediately hire the two as his head engineers. The two went back to their hotel and decided to call it a day. The second that his head hit the pillow he was out like a light and he began to dream of when he young and of when he was five years old.

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