Seeing Double

Aoife Zuckerman, Contributor

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It was my first day of sixth grade. I was finally in middle school but it still seemed unreal, like I would wake up and realize it was all an elaborate dream. As I got out of the car and said a quick goodbye I looked up at the huge buildings before me I started to feel a little overwhelmed. Suddenly a voice broke my concentration.

“Hey, Amelia!”

I turned to see my best friend walking over to me. “Oh, hey Emily.” I replied.

Emily quickly pulled out her schedule, almost ripping it in half. “Do we have any classes together?” She asked excitedly.

I carefully opened my binder and took out my schedule, careful to hand it to Emily before she snatched it out of my hands in anticipation. Her eyes moved quickly down my schedule then down her’s. It turned out we had science together. After chatting for a little bit more, I walked to my home room and she walked to her home room.

Finally it was time for my science class. My previous class was right next door so I was the first one in the classroom. The teacher had a seating chart up on the whiteboard so I found my seat and sat down, watching the doorway for Emily. I turned away from the door to look around the classroom and when I turned back I saw that more students were entering and the room was almost full. Emily walked in and immediately locked eyes with another girl. I started to worry. Had I upset her? But once again my concentration was broken.

“Hey Amelia!” Emily said.

I turned around but she was not talking to me. “Uh, Emily, I’m Amelia.” I said, very confused.

The other girl turned towards us, “Yeah, I’m not Amelia.”

Emily let out a small gasp and I looked over at “not Amelia”. It was like looking into a mirror.

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