The Unlucky Fisherman

Sebastian Booth, Contributer

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Friday morning; it was a cold and windy morning. As far as Reid could see only two boats were on the river, his and his partners, and Josh’s. Josh was another local fisherman, although that morning the boat looked quite lifeless. “Hey Mat, help me with the net, I think we got something big,” said Reid. When the two finally finished pulling in the net, they noticed something immediately, there was a body in it. They called 911 and told the police they found a body. The police came to the dock where they were met by the fishermen and started to ask them questions. The first was what had they seen. They told the officer that they were just fishing by the bridge and found him in their net. The police brought them back to the station and told the men that he probably drowned, however the men were adamant this didn’t happen. He was a fellow fisherman, and they knew him, he was there every day, and was one of the best fishermen on the river. They knew he was careful and didn’t make mistakes like this, they didn’t know what to think but they told the police that they should investigate, so they asked for an autopsy on the body.. They went back to the dock and took a final look. They decided to take his boat back in as no one would be using it now, but as they were doing so a woman walked over and asked what was happening. The officers explained, and the women said that she saw him take his boat out very late last night while she was running. The officers said thank you and let her go on her way. When the got back to the station they were informed that the autopsy was done, but when they read it, it showed that the victim had died two days ago, and to blunt force trauma. The case had seemed so simple at first but now it was anything but that, and since this was now a murder they decided to check the security cameras at the dock. Sure enough at the time the bat was being taken out a black van came by and dumped something in the river,  no doubt the body. whoever did this though made one mistake. There was a very large crack in their rear window. One that was easy to find on other traffic cameras and lead the officers straight to the criminals. When they saw the vehicle outside of the building they entered with caution. Weapons drawn and at the ready. They caught the criminals off-guard and were able to easily arrest of them and bring them to justice. Apparently the unlucky fisherman witnessed them doing shady business on the dock on Tuesday and when they saw him they knew they couldn’t let him tell anybody, so the next day they killed him. to cover their tracks. Knowing that It would be easier to make it look like an accident at night they waited to release his boat and drop the body, however unluckily for them the woman noticed the boat going out which was the Great contributor to their demise. Now the criminals are in jail and can’t hurt anybody else, or do any other bad deeds.

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