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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Review

Animesh Tiwary, Contributor

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With Nintendo’s new Pokemon game released, Sun and Moon, the industry has been making many leaks leading up to the full game. With people from all around the world buying the game and playing it, reviews have been made about the game.

The game was initially released on November 18 of 2016 on the Friday before November Break started. Pokemon Sun and Moon takes place in an island somewhat similar to Hawaii. The game has now included something new called the Z-move. They are exclusive to different Pokemon. Pokemon Sun and Moon took a big risk different from all the other generations starting from Pokemon Red and Blue by not including the gyms that all the other games had. Instead, you the player will have to meet the multiple Trial Captains in each island which is similar to the gyms, and receive a task from them such as fetch ingredients or fight off a Pokemon that is terrorizing the island. There is also Totem Pokemon which have higher stats and can summon ally Pokemon alongside it. Though, that is not all. You will then have to battle the Kahuna (leader of island) at one point after you are done.

Another new concept in the new Pokemon Sun and Moon game is that some of the first generation Pokemon from the first game will have different forms called Alola forms. For example, Sandshrew normally are ground type, but their Alolan form is an ice-steel type. Its appearance is also different too.

With these new features added to the new Pokemon game, it will make it fun and different from all the other Pokemon games.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Review